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Student Blogging Challenge wk 7

Hi world!

For the Student Blogging Challenge this week, we have to write about something we are passionate about that relates to nature. I have decided to talk about animal cruelty.  

Animal cruelty is when a human either neglects or mistreats an animal. This might include hurting, starving them or just dumping them to fend for themselves. Being someone who loves animals and coming from a family who feel the same, this is really disturbing and upsetting in my eyes. Animals don’t have a voice and being cruel to them is unfair. They can’t speak up about it – so it’s up to us. If someone you know is mistreating an animal or neglecting them you should speak up. Tell your teachers, parents, friends, police or contact a company designed to care for animals (such as the RSPCA if you live in Australia). Not only is animal abuse wrong, it’s also a crime

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( My dog on my skateboard!)

– Darcey

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