Hi world.

In class we have been participating in the Global Read Aloud 📘 This is were students worldwide read the same novel and collaborate using a website called ‘Edmodo’. Our class has been collaborating with two classes – one from New Zealand and the other from Pennsylvania. This week for our activity, we had to create a storyboard for chapter eight. Here is mine. This is what we are reading.





This shows what I think were the most important things in chapter eight. In case you can’t read what I have written, here’s what is says.

  1. Tiger dreams of Mum’s potatoes
  2. The guide warns the family about the men looking for hostages
  3. Tiger sees a man behind her with a rock! They end up kidnapping Tiger’s family.
  4. Fish is in his dangerous and chaotic world in a bottle, under the mud
  5. Tiger is holding her breath under the mud to hide from the men
  6. Once Tiger has come out of the mud, she says one of the men, dead.
  7. Tiger is reunited with her family who escaped from the men. She sees her Dad crying.

– Darcey