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The Tricks and Treats of Halloween…

Hi world!

Halloween – what’s the tricks and treats behind it? Halloween is believed to have originated in Ancient Ireland and Scotland. On the 31st of October (aka: Halloween), the Celtic people celebrated ‘All Saints Day’. This was the time of the year that the Celtic people would herd their animals into their barns and pens and prepare for the animals to stay indoors for the rest of Winter. It was on this day that marked the end of Summer.

Many believed that it was as Winter arrived, that fairies and evil spirits would come out to play and search for bodies take over. To avoid being inhabited by the evil spirits, people would dress up in spooky costumes and march around the streets making loud noises to scare away the spirits. Over time, this superstitious celebration has transformed into a worldwide celebration of lollies and fun. I have often wondered where the dark themes of Halloween come from – and now I know! Hope you all had a good Halloween!

– Darcey

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