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Ink Prints DIY


In art we recently did an ink unit.

Sounds odd? Well, it actually was lots of fun and it gave us the opportunity to do something a little unusual and to use different techniques when creating art. This is how you do it!

What you’ll need

  • Foam sheets (doesn’t have to be massive sheets)
  • Gluggy ink
  • Rolling pin
  • Plastic board
  • Metal utensil thing?…
  1. Imprinting Foam – I’m not sure what this tool is called – in class with mainly called it the ‘sharp stick’ but it is metal and has a small ball attached to the end of it. You want to press this up against your square of foam to make the shape that you want. The shape won’t be perfect – it’ll turn out looking a bit ‘organic’ but that’s the beauty of it. Make sure your movements with the utensil are firm, otherwise the shape won’t turn out as well as it could’ve.


  • industrial-epe-foam-sheets-250x250
  • These are the sheets 🙂  You can get them from the art shop.
  • 2. After you are happy with your imprinted shape, you will need to get some ink. It has to have a thicker, viscous consistency. Put it on a plastic board (it can be a plastic chopping board if you want) and roll the ink on using a rolling pin until it starts making a sticky sound.
  • 3. Roll the ready ink onto your foam piece until you are happy with the way it looks. The different style of texture can make your artwork look really interesting. You don’t have to smother it on – the scratchy look on the paper can look really good.
  • 4. Next – press your paper against your piece of foam and roll the pin on top. Check to see if you like the print on the paper.
  • monoprint
  • (Credit: Google Images)
  • Mine certainly didn’t look this professional but this ink prints are lots of fun to make!
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