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Meet the family…? Student Blogging Challenge


So, for this week, we have several tasks to choose from.

I have chosen to write about one of my favourite times with my family.

This was kind of tricky because we have some pretty crazy and fun memories together. I have decided to choose when we went to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. Now, you may think I’m telling you some tedious story about a family that goes overseas and has a great time. No, I am not. Here’s my question to you; have you ever planned something, but it ended up going the absolute opposite way? That was the exact circumstance of this holiday…

We arrived in Hong Kong, excited and exhausted from the long plane trip. Our close friends were anticipating our arrival; we saw their excited faces popping up from within the crowd of bustling people. Excited, I grabbed mum’s hand and dragged her over to where they stood. So, this is the moment where we all exchange hellos, which is too cheesy to put on my blog. Sorry J … Fast-forwarding a bit – the next couple of days were lots of fun, we explored the busy streets of Hong Kong that were ever so different to the suburban avenues of Sydney. It was so much fun. Then… Something happened.

Suddenly, my little brother, Dylan got sick. The medical systems aren’t the strongest point of Asia, so we were very limited as to medication and doctors’ services. Mum got really worried – he was really pale and was bed-bound and there wasn’t much we were able to do to help him. Dill was very weak, and we became concerned to see such a lively little lad so unwell. We all tried to help out, but Dylan was still very sick. We spent most of the holiday helping out with Dylan, looking after him

Mum and Dad reminded me the purpose of a family. They were so committed to making my brother better, and still caring for my sister and I. So here’s the cliché quote I learnt from the situation: ‘it doesn’t matter where you are, or what your doing. As long as you are with the people you love’. And despite this being un-original, it’s true. This was one of the best holidays, despite the tricky circumstances. I was reminded of why I love my family and that we must work together. I guess some of the most imperfect situations turn out to be the best.

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